Preserving Zucchini in the Freezer

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  1. Barb says:
    I have done that and when I open the bag up yes there is some water but the zucchini is water logged. It did not work for me.
    • Debra says:
      I usually drain it in the colander and then press it lightly with my hands to express excess water. I have never had any trouble. I'm sorry to hear you haven't had good luck with that!
    • Melody says:
      Same problem for me. It was soaked and not usable for myself & my mom. Lots & lots of wasted time went into that project. I may try it again this year & see if I can get some extra water out of it.
    • Margo says:
      Just open the bag, twist it and turn it upside down. Keep twisting and squeezing until it stops draining. Then use the zucchini. Works great!!!
  2. Tricia says:
    Have you ever tried to freeze it in slices rather than grating it?
  3. Elizabeth says:
    If I don't have a salad grater how would you suggest cutting it to bag up?
    • Debra says:
      If you don't have a salad shooter or similar device, I would order one. If that's not an option, you could try just using a metal cheese grater. That would probably work, but will take longer to do.
  4. Fran says:
    I have always heard the water makes it soggy. I make zucchini salsa, which is WONDERFUL! It's like regular salsa, but has a touch of brown sugar and a bunch of zucchini in it.
  5. Margaret Stephens says:
    What an excellent idea. I just love zucchini and vegetables. You must be a person with great ideas
  6. Pat says:
    I dice and freeze. Later thaw and drain and use in vegetable quesadillas
    • Debra says:
      Ooooooo...that sounds amazing! I have never made a vegetable quesadilla, but today is a good day to start! I have lots of zucchini. Thanks for the suggestion :-)
  7. Ria says:
    Our neighbor just brought over a humongous zucchini, I had just made some zucchini with pasta sauce,so I am so happy to be reading this. I am going to shred it and freeze it, thanks so much, when I take it out, if it is too soggy, I will just press it between two clean kitchen towels.
  8. Colleen says:
    I have used a food processor with the grating disk then drain it in a colander and use a vacuum sealer.
  9. Tiffany says:
    My grandma taught me to sprinkle it with salt on a paper towel, then roll the paper towel up with the zucchini rolled in t and leave it sitting for an hour or so. The salt helps pull the moisture out. Wonder if that would help to do that first?
  10. Jen says:
    We vacuum seal our zucchini and still get a lot of water. It's ok. we drain and saute it butter...I've tried to make bread with the previously frozen zucchini and did not like the way it turned out.
    • Debra says:
      I made some yummy muffins yesterday with defrosted zucchini. I will be posting the recipe in the next week or two, once I get it written up. Maybe you will have better luck with that! But sauteed with butter is always good, too! (With pepper, of course!)
  11. Lisa says:
    Have you tried squeezing the extra water out before freezing? Wondering if that might help. I'm going to give this a go later today!
  12. Linda says:
    I'm gonna sprinkle some salt over the shredded zucchini cover with dish towel for 1 hour with your hands press out the water & freeze .
    • Debra says:
      I have heard of some people doing it that way. To me, it is no big deal to strain the water and blot the zucchini after I defrost it. I guess it's a little extra work on the front end or the back end of freezing. You get to choose! :)
  13. Ronnie Bates says:
    I heard you had to blanch and cool before freezing veggies. No?
  14. Deb says:
    I first shred in my food processor, then put it into a dish towel and squeeze real tight all the water out, put it into a freezer bag and slide a straw into it then close bag to snug to the straw and suckers all the air out as much as you possibly can, quickly pull the straw out and seal the bag the rest of the way.
  15. Amanda says:
    I always grate mine then put in a fine mesh colander to drain. (About 20 min) I have very minimal "water" from it when I unfreeze it later on. Works well. I even do that before I get ready to make any wonderful zucchini baked item. I don't want things to get soggy. Moist is good but soggy is bad! :-)
  16. Donna Longenecker says:
    you are absolutely correct!!! I also have Salad Shooter, I would not be without it. I too got mine from my mother-in-law, every kitchen needs one! I also do up the zucchini the same way. Thanks for confirmation.
  17. Pattie says:
    I make zucchini pickles and relish...we like it better than the ones made with cucumbers. I made both dill and sweet and spicy. I have also made zucchini fries and froze them. They come out just fine. I cube zucchini for stews and soups, and slice zucchini for calabacitas. The slices are my least favorite way to freeze.
  18. Pattie says:
    I forgot to mention that I stuff zucchini with ground beef, tomato sauce and cheese. After cooking it, I freeze it for a quick meal when I don't feel like cooking.
  19. Josy says:
    Wondering if anyone of these wonderful readers have used a spiralizer on the zuchinni they have frozen with any luck?
    • Josy says:
      I meant as in making zucchini noodles later on aka fake spaghetti lol! thanks
    • Debra says:
      I have a spiralizer, but I have never tried freezing spiralized zucchini. I would think it should be spiralized before freezing, not after. Seems like that shouldn't be any different than grated zucchini, but you would want to strain it well. If you try it out let me know how it goes! Would love to hear other readers' thoughts, too!
    • Vanessa says:
      I have used a spiralizer, lightly salted, drained, and then frozen. It works great!
  20. Charlotte Burkholder says:
    I should try freezing mine this year. Thanks Debra.
  21. Heiid says:
    Love the idea of shredding, measuring out, labeling and freezing your zucchini so it's ready to go for any recipe!
  22. ann padgett says:
    I enjoyed reading all comments. I'm a zucchini lover too!! I make relish , zucchini pie ( not a desert ), creamy soup. Any way it can be prepared. Thanks. Ann p.
  23. Leah says:
    Wouldnt using cheese cloth to get out any extra water work? Just wondering if anyone has done that.
  24. Kim says:
    I have been freezing zucchini this way for years. I make zucchini bread out of it in the winter months. The first time I drained the liquid and my bread turned out terrible. From then on I put the liquid and zucchini into my recipe altogether and it has always turned out perfect.
    • Beth says:
      This is true for me too - I need the released liquid for my bread recipe. It could be drained for other recipes that don't depend upon the liquid.
  25. Susan says:
    Silly question (Im a newbie at zucchini), when you are measuring do you pack the zucchini into the measuring cup or just lightly pressing it in?
  26. Rhonda says:
    The problem I've come across is after thawing and squeezing water out (mine always has tons of water as well), I no longer have 2 cups of zucchini. I've done different things and nothing really works. The cake was pretty dry and when I thawed out more to make a whole 2 cups, it seemed like too much maybe? Anyone else ever deal with this?
    • Debra says:
      When I use zucchini this way, it's pretty much always for zucchini bread and I haven't had that problem. I would suggest just changing the amount of zucchini you freeze in each bag to make up for whatever your shortage seems to be. Or maybe freeze some one cup bags and some two cup bags? Something like that should help. Thanks for stopping by!
  27. Dave says:
    Try zucchini milk. You just peel and blend. Freeze in half cup or whole cup portions. You can use a muffin pan and then bag the frozen "cups", also. It can be used in many recipes replacing up to half of the milk in the recipes with an equal amount of Zucchini milk. If you want specific examples, Google "zucchini milk" and you will find several websites with info and recipes.
    • Debra says:
      You just blew my mind! Zucchini milk? I've never heard of that! I will definitely check that out. Thanks for the tip, Dave!
  28. Deborah says:
    How long shredded zucchini last in freezer
  29. Robin says:
    I’m wondering if I should empty the seeds first before grating? Thanks
  30. Kelly says:
    I have been freezing zucchini this way for years. I don't drain it after thawing. It makes my bread and chocolate zucchini cake much moister than fresh grated or draining.
  31. Lauraa says:
    I'm so happy I found this thread!!!! I have about 20 cups of zucchini to preserve right now & I've been DREADING the blanching process!!! Looks like I won't have to spend an entire day with that process!!!
  32. Donelle Kemmer says:
    I too love my salad shooter ! I use it mainly for potatoes, carrots , and zucchini. It is small easy to rinse off and I have given it as a gift. This year seems to be Lemon Zucchini bread. I have made a bunch. My husband does the lemon zesting for me. I use more zucchini and lemons than called for and it is great. I also love zucchini diced large in my spaghetti sauce. The trick is add it when your sauce is done just turn it off and add the zucchini so it doesn't get squishy.
  33. Mai Allison says:
    Sandwich bage or freezer bags?
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