How to Can Salsa The Easy Way

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4 Responses

  1. Lisa Lewis says:
    Thank you for using our Salsa Mix for your recipe. For you and your followers, our Customer Care Center team is available from 8-5 M-F CST at 800-647-8170. You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. June says:
    Deb, I think there is a mistake in your directions. For the Blanching part, I think it should read 10 seconds, not 10 minutes. You just want the skins to break and peel easily.
    • Debra says:
      I actually do 10 minutes. I realize that is longer than they need to be blanched, but I have found the skin is so much easier to peel off doing it that way. Maybe blanching isn't the proper term for it then---probably should just call it boiling, but whatever it works! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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