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Once upon a time there was a girl.  She was trained as an ob nurse and had two little girls of her own.









One day the girl met a boy who liked to hunt and fish.




my husband




The girl didn’t even like to EAT fish, let alone catch them.  If she had to hunt her own food she would surely have died because although she enjoyed a nice Ruger handgun, she preferred to aim it at zombie paper targets.









One day the boy and the girl met and fell in love.  After some time, they got married.




marriage photo






They bought a house in the big city.  Life was crazy with their little blended family, but they loved it.





family together




They were happy in their life together.




Then one day the boy wanted to bring home chickens to keep in the backyard.  The girl said, “no way!”




The boy did it anyway.








The girl fell in love with the chickens and the fresh eggs and agreed to keep the chickens as long as the boy would take care of feeding the chickens and clean the chicken coop.  The boy happily agreed (and stuck to it!).


They lived happily ever after!  The boy taught the girl things that everyone should know like how to be self-reliant by living off of the land, gardening and raising chickens.  The girl and the boy learned how to can the things they grew.




how to can salsa




They learned lots of ways to use eggs.  The girl loved having fresh eggs all of the time.




backyard chicken eggs, organic eggs, emergency preparedness




The boy and the girl love their little urban farm and are living happily ever after.




2014-06-05 20.22.54





And now the girl shares all sorts of home and garden tips, emergency prep hacks, money-saving ideas, travel info, and more!  Welcome!




Nice to meet you!  



P.S.  I’d love to hear from you!   You can send me an email anytime at!  🙂





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  1. Melissa says:
    You are one amazing woman, mother and friend! Loved your cake blog, loved it. Happy birthday to you, Deb!
  2. Elizabeth says:
    So nice to meet you! Have a great Monday! Elizabeth
  3. Margaret Stephens says:
    What a good story. Hope you are enjoying your life still.

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