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How to Build Food Storage By Shopping Case Lot Sales

Let’s  talk about how to build food storage through shopping case lot sales.   While some of my food storage comes from food preservation, most of what we don’t grow ourselves comes from case lot sales.  I want to share this tip with you because I know that it will help you! Getting started on your food storage can be overwhelming.  You might be thinking that building your food storage takes money and maybe you don’t have any extra. It can be challenging to build your food storage if you don’t have much cash to spare. Believe me I have been...

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Preserving Zucchini

This post contains some ads. Preserving zucchini makes sure that we have homegrown zucchini all year long!  Not to mention, it is pretty a pretty great feeling to become more self-sufficient by preserving foods that you have grown yourself, don’t you think? Let me share one of my favorite food preservation tips with you! I’ve told you about a couple of the things I make with zucchini like zucchini lasagna and zucchini bites (you WANT to check out that recipe…it is awesome).  As it gets later in the fall, if I have surplus zucchini (and let’s face it if you have...

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Water – Emergency Preparedness Essentials…Your Water Supply

Emergency preparedness is a huge subject and there is so much to know.  As I have combed the internet reading about it, I realize how woefully unprepared we are here at our little urban homestead.  Not a good feeling!     Everyone has to start somewhere though, so I am going to start with the basics.   For today’s post I am going to focus on emergency water, because none of us can survive long without it.       Emergency Preparedness Essentials-Water Supply         If something happens and circumstances do not allow the people in your home to...