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Dehydrating food with a food dehydrator leads to food preservation that prolongs the life of your produce. Make healthy snacks by dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

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Dehydrating Apples with Cinnamon and Sugar

This post contains affiliate links which help support this site.   This weekend I have been dehydrating apples with cinnamon and sugar.  It is such a yummy and (relatively) healthy snack.  You may have figured out by all of my recent apple recipes that we have lots of apples at our house right now, so we are doing lots of  food preservation!       Dehydrating Apples with Cinnamon and Sugar             Let’s get started!     Cinnamon Sugar Apples Ingredients   Fresh apples Cinnamon and sugar shaker (if you don’t have one you can mix...

how to preserve strawberries

How to Preserve Strawberries Using a Food Dehydrator

Today I want to show you my “recipe” for how to preserve strawberries using a food dehydrator.  I recently made them for the first time and they were delicious!  So sweet!   When you dehydrate, it is important to use fruit (or vegetables) at their prime (translation: not over-ripened) to get the best flavor from your dehydrated product.  Fruits and vegetables should be washed and patted dry before they go in the dehydrator.  Patting them dry with a paper towel helps reduce the drying time needed in the dehydrator.         How to Preserve Strawberries Using a Food Dehydrator...

food dehydrating basics

Food Dehydrating Basics

I have been learning about food dehydrating basics.  I’m going to share my “recipe” for how I dehydrated some apples.  The process is the same for many fruits and vegetables.   Food dehydrating is something I’ve been wanting to dive into on my blog.  I figure if I want to learn about it, some of you probably do, too!   My sweet hubby got me really nice dehydrator for Christmas.  The box it was in was kind of bulky because they had styrofoam around it inside to protect it, so rather than wrap it and put it under the tree...

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How To Dry Parsley

This post contains affiliate links. Food preservation, especially preserving fresh herbs can sometimes be tricky, but drying parsley is soooo easy.  If you use parsley a lot in your cooking, you need to learn how to dry parsley!   Learning to dry parsley will help you have home-grown parsley to use for your cooking all year round!  It is also great to get some surplus built up (I just throw it in a mason jar) to put in your food storage.  We dried our parsley like this last summer and just barely ran out, so it is time to refill...