How to Preserve Cilantro from Your Garden

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8 Responses

  1. Sheri says:
    Thank you. Finally found this. Would i be able to do this wi th any herbs? Lavende r, basil etc
  2. Barb says:
    I have my herbs started. Can't wait to plant them
  3. Shannon says:
    How long do the dried herbs last?
    • Debra says:
      I am sure that depends on the herb, but for example...I dried A LOT of parsley two+ years ago. It is almost gone now, but I used some last week in a quiche and it was still just fine! I have used dried cilantro up to a year later. Just make sure you are storing in an air tight container!
  4. Erin says:
    This year my little son (6 yrs old) planted his own garden. Apparently he planted cilantro! It is growing very well so I can't wait to dry it and be able to use it as you suggested. What a wonderful way to be able to use it all year long!! Thanks for a great tutorial.

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