Zucchini Lasagna

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16 Responses

  1. Danielle K says:
    Love this! I don't really eat pasta, so this is a great alternative for me - thanks for sharing :)
  2. Yum! I love lasagna, and we usually add spinach to ours. But zucchini is a great idea, too! We will have to try it that way next time we make it!
  3. Jennifer Pritchard says:
    Yum!! I wouldn't have thought to add zucchini to lasagna. Glad I found your post to help me try it. :)
  4. Caroline says:
    This looks like a really easy and healthy lasagna. Might just try it this weekend!
  5. That's awesome you were able to use fresh zucchini from your garden . I can never get squash or zucchini to grow . Your lasagna looks delicious!
  6. Coralie says:
    Each year my husband and I join a CSA. We get a big box of locally grown produce for 8 weeks in the summer- it is truly fantastic. The first year we got so much yellow squash and zucchini I had to go on the hunt for creative ways to use it all! I have made zucchini lasagna several times and it is so yummy. Not only does it cut down on the carb intake of the meal but also delivers kind of an undercover veggie serving- love it. Yummy!
  7. Debi says:
    YUM. I think I'll make this for dinner!
  8. Taylor says:
    this looks yummy! I used to have a small garden. Can't wait to start planting again.
  9. Lozelle says:
    this looks delicious!! I love zucchini.
  10. Palak says:
    This looks so lastingly delicious! will try it at home sometime :D
  11. Becca says:
    Do you think you could freeze this?
    • Debra says:
      Hmmm...maybe. When zucchini defrosts it sheds some water, so if you try freezing it be sure to go very light on sauce so it's not too liquidy. I would probably try making a smaller size lasagna, like maybe cut the recipe in half or in quarters. That way if it ends up being too watery you're not wasting too much food. If it was me I would just make the sauce and brown the meat ahead of time. If you do that then you can throw the lasagna together very quickly. That way you don't risk it being too wet Add watered-down tasting.

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