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How to Make a Custom-Built Garden Irrigation System

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Hey!  Have you gotten your garden planted yet?  We have.  We have to have a garden irrigation system in our garden because we live in the desert (Utah). My husband is a handy guy, so ours is custom-made.  The great thing about the garden irrigation system that my husband made is you can water your garden section by section if you want to, because it has valves to shut off sections that you don’t want to water.  I thought it was great and he said it wasn’t that difficult to do, so I thought I would share it with you!...

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How to Build Food Storage By Shopping Case Lot Sales

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Let’s  talk about how to build food storage through shopping case lot sales.   I want to share this tip with you because I know that it will help you! Getting started on your food storage can be overwhelming.  You might be thinking that building your food storage takes money and maybe you don’t have any extra. It can be challenging to build your food storage if you don’t have much cash to spare. Believe me I have been there and done that!  But if you learn how to shop strategically, you can really build your food storage by shopping case lot...

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How to Make Copycat Orange Julius

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Do you ever go to the mall on a hot summer day and get an Orange Julius?  They are a beautiful thing when it is hot outside.  Perfectly sweet, cool, and relaxing.  Frozen drinks can be a great way to beat the heat, so if it is already warming up where you are like it is here in Utah you have got to give this drink a try!  Several years ago my daughter’s middle school cooking teacher passed out this yummy recipe for making Copycat Orange Julius at home!  Our family loves them and I think yours will, too!  It’s...

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How to Care for Baby Chicks

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Hi, guys!  Guess what?  We got baby chicks a couple of weeks ago!  Can I just tell you – those little chicken babies are so stinkin’ cute!  We’ve been having so much fun with them.  Of course the best part is that you just can’t beat those fresh, organic eggs that they give to you once they’ve grown up!  Have you been thinking about getting baby chicks for your urban homestead?  If you have, I should tell you a few things that you need to know when you’re getting ready to get them!  Before you start preparing to get baby chickens,...

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How to Make Delicious Caramel Corn

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Hi, my friends!  Welcome back!  Did you bring your sweet tooth?  I hope so!  One of the things that I love to do on this little blog of mine is share with you some of my favorite treats that I make here on our little urban homestead. Today I want to share with you a recipe for delicious caramel corn.  This caramel corn is sooo divine…not your dry Cracker Jack type of stuff…this is delicious and has a slightly gooey coating.  It is especially amazing served warm, right after you make it.  It is a great treat to make for...

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How to Transplant Your Starter Plants into Your Garden

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I showed you how to plant starter plants? Well…enough time has passed that they are ready to go in the garden here at our little urban homestead! So I thought I should show you how to transplant those starter plants into your garden! It is really pretty easy! I have included affiliate links to a couple of awesome products that we love for gardening.  Anyway…enough shop talk.  Are your ready to transplant your starter plants? Well, read on, my friend! (If you didn’t plant your own...

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Starbucks Gift Card Winner for April!

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Hi, peeps!   it’s that time again…time to announce the  winner of the April Starbucks gift card giveaway!  I do this every month…my newsletter subscribers get a chance to win a Starbucks gift card as a thank you for hanging out with me here at Life Between the Kitchen and the Coop!  🙂  Have you entered by subscribing to our newsletter yet? It’s FREE!  If you haven’t subscribed, let’s get this done!  Click here to subscribe now so that you will be entered to win in next month’s drawing!             Without further ado…I’d like to announce...

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How to Pipe Frosting on a Cupcake

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Hey, peeps!  How are you??? Spring has sprung here and life is good here at our urban homestead!   The windows are open and I am so enjoying the warmer weather here in Salt Lake!  Has spring come to you yet? Hopefully you are getting some sunshine!  Today I thought I would share with you how easy it is to do pipe frosting on a cupcake. It is not difficult at all and really does dress them up and make them look fancier.  All you need are cupcakes, frosting, and a few relatively inexpensive supplies then you are set!      ...