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How to Make Charcuterie Boards for Hosting a Party

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Learning how to make charcuterie boards for hosting a party is not as complicated as you might think! Charcuterie boards are easy appetizers you can put together with random tasty items. No specific recipes required! The key to putting together a beautiful charcuterie board is to have lots of color!

Having lots of color makes a gorgeous charcuterie board a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach! In this post, I’ve used pictures from two different charcuterie boards that I have made to give you some ideas on foods to use and how to arrange them, but the sky is the limit. Get creative!

How to Make Charcuterie Boards

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The first step in learning how to make charcuterie boards is getting the perfect charcuterie board! I got this beautiful board at Sur La Table and they have lots of gorgeous boards to choose from!

How to Create a Simple Charcuterie Board

Once you have selected your board, you just arrange a variety of your favorite cheeses, meats, dips, fruits, and other snacks on it. I like to start with a little parchment paper. It protects the board from anything that might stain the board (like red raspberries or strawberries). In this picture, I just kind of folded it to suit my needs, but I have since found some round parchment paper that I love on Amazon. If you want to check that out, you can click here for my affiliate link.

Once you have placed your parchment paper, you can also add some greenery for decoration. Trim it to fit your design idea. I recommend using feaux greenery rather than real, so that your food doesn’t taste like tree branches. 🙂

Next, place your cheeses. The key as you are placing items is color variety. Separate items that are similar colors. Contrast in colors is key to create a gorgeous charcuterie board!

If you are planning to have any dips or sauces on the charcuterie board, this is a good time to place those bowls to hold the spaces. I like to use little 4-ounce souffle dishes for dips and sauces. They are the perfect size! If you aren’t sure what kinds of dips or sauces to use, think about things like hummus, jams, bruschetta, or dips for fruits or veggies.

At this point, you can fill dip and sauce dishes, place the meats, and the larger fruits or vegetables.

Do you see how the colors of the orange slices, strawberries, grapes, and bruschetta pop? I’ll say it again—color is key!

Add crostini, pita rounds, and crackers to your board, arranged in rows or clusters. Be careful about putting things that may slide off easily toward the edges of the board.

If you like, you can also place little sections of treats, such as small chocolates or mini almond bark pretzels.

Hint: When learning how to make charcuterie boards, if there are any awkward little gaps in your board coverage, keep in mind that grape clusters or dried fruit are the perfect solution!

Now you know how to make a pretty charcuterie board! They are the perfect party food!

Be sure that when you serve you have the appropriate utensils available. You don’t want people picking at things with their fingers! Think mini serving tongs and serving spoons! Mini coffee spoons work well.

(Psst…hosting a party or wedding? You can also take your charcuterie skills to the next level by creating a grazing table!)

What to Buy for a Charcuterie Board

Once again, here are a few affiliate links if you want to check out some of the charcuterie board supplies that I love!

Are you getting excited to get started on designing your own charcuterie board?

Beautiful vegetable and olive charcuterie board

I hope now you feel confident that you know how to make the most beautiful charcuterie board for your next party.

Be sure to let me know what you think once you try it out! Better yet, tag me on Instagram and show me a picture of your pretty charcuterie board!

See you next time!


Sharing is caring!

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