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Easy Bacon Recipes That Your Family Will Love

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These easy bacon recipes will be sure to make your family’s tummies happy!  When it comes to meat, bacon is the best, don’t you think?  Recipes with bacon are always a hit at my house.  It seems to be one of those foods that pretty much everyone can agree on!


Because of my far-reaching love for bacon, I couldn’t resist putting together a collection of my favorite easy bacon recipes so that you and your family can enjoy them, too!  All that you have to do is bake some bacon (or fry it, if you prefer) and then add that yummy bacon to other ingredients and you have some amazing-tasting food for your family!  You’ve got to check these out!




Easy Bacon Recipes



easy bacon recipe





BLT Pizza Recipe

(BLT Pizza is my favorite of them all!  Now that I live in Utah, I can’t go to Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor for it, so I have to make my own.  It is awesome.   You’ve really got to try it!)



BLT pizza




Homemade Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza Recipe


If you love alfredo sauce on your pasta, you are going to love this one!



chicken bacon alfredo pizza



Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with Avocado Spread


This is such a yummy, comfort food breakfast on a cold day!



Bacon egg cheese sandwich with avocado spread




BLT French Bread Pizza


This is a quick and easy spinoff of my BLT Pizza recipe.  It’s perfect for those busy weeknights!



French Bread Pizza



BLT Summer Salad Recipe


This BLT salad is cool and refreshing.  Perfect for a summer picnic or barbecue side dish!



BLT Summer Salad


Bacon Cheddar Jack Soup Recipe


I love this cheesy soup in the winter!  The bacon enhances the flavor.  It’s perfect for warming your tummy on  a cold day!



bacon cheddar jack soup

Top 3 Bacon Recipes


This post links to my top 3 favorite bacon recipes, which are all mentioned above individually.

top 3 bacon recipes

Bake Your Bacon Kitchen Hack


Do you stand at your stove frying your bacon?  I don’t!  You should bake your bacon and save yourself some work!



bake your bacon




Tell me, what is your favorite thing to make with bacon?


See you next time!




easy bacon recipe



Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.