How to Build a DIY Budget-Friendly Rocket Stove

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  1. This is my husband's cup of tea. He loves experimenting with cooking with candles, in the fireplace, with little portable stoves, etc.
    • Debra says:
      My husband, too. Nothing would please him more than if the whole world would go away and we could live off of the land and be like pioneers. Although he would miss cable sports and YouTube. lol
  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:
    That is really cool. I never would have thought to do something like this before. I bet this is something my hubby would love to do with my kids.
  3. I would have never thought of how to make this before. I'm not sure I would want to try it out though for fear of doing something wrong!
  4. Can I admit that this might be why i'm not a camper! I don't want to build my own, but it's great to know that it's possible should I ever need survival skills.
  5. Rena McDaniel says:
    I just saw this on TV this past week and thought it was amazing! I love that you show the step by step way to make one. My husband will love this.
  6. Sara says:
    That's amazing! I've never seen anything like that but I know that my husband would love to make it with the boys! How much fun they would have in the garden cooking on their own little stove!
  7. Angelic Sinova says:
    I LOVE budget-friendly projects and products! Anything that helps save a little money is definitely A-okay in my book. Can't wait to try this for myself <3
  8. Michelle F. says:
    That is a pretty cool project! I love how well it cooked the egg.
  9. This is really cool. You just never know when you'll need to make something like that. Thanks for sharing
  10. Shaney Vijendranath says:
    Wow this is amazing! I haven't seen anything like this before. It will definitely be handy when there no power at home.
  11. Michelle Hwee says:
    What a fun DIY project! I had never thought of this before but wow it does look quite simple and most of that stuff you can find in your home already.
    • Debra says:
      That's what I love about it, Michelle! The fact that most of the stuff you can find around your house makes it very low budget and I am all about saving money!
  12. Rebecca Swenor says:
    This is an awesome post indeed and now I am going to have to make a rocket stove. I think this is an awesome idea and I will have to show my boys and my nephews. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I need to show this post to my dad -- he loves stuff like this. You make it seem so simple to put together!
  14. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:
    This is such a great idea. My other half would have great fun making something like this and love the novelty of cooking something on it :)
  15. tammileetips says:
    What an amazing tutorial! I have always wondered how these were made. These would be perfect to have for hiking or camping as well as emergencies.
  16. I've never heard of a rocket stove before, how cool is that! I'm going to have to bookmark this so that I can teach myself how to make it and then show my nephew, he'd love it!
  17. Kat B. says:
    I am definitely going to pass this page on to my son's Boy Scout troop. They would love to make something like this together and I think they would have a great time trying it out!
    • Debra says:
      Yes, definitely! My husband is a former Eagle Scout and he was saying how he thought it would be a great scouting project! Thanks for stopping by, Kat!
  18. A rocket stove, nice. I've always wanted to make one.

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