Christmas Peppermint Ice Cream Dessert

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  1. Oh my goodness! This looks fabulous.
  2. Wow!! This looks so good. Do you make these awesome desserts a lot? I usually buy the icky cookie dough in the refrigerated section of the store. Lol! I think I will try this for one of the upcoming holidays. Thanks so much!
    • Debra says:
      I make dessert a lot more than I should, Michelle! And my waistline shows it! Unfortunately I have a real sweet tooth. I had some of this for breakfast this morning! Sooo good!
  3. courtney says:
    Omg this sounds pretty yummy!!! Love anything peppermint!!! Just so yummy!
  4. Michelle says:
    I love gooey desserts. This looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing he recipe!
  5. Catherine S says:
    This sounds so good. I can't wait to make this for my party.
  6. JoAnna says:
    Ooooo that looks so delicious :) I will have to try this sometime... it looks messy!
  7. Brandy says:
    This is such a great idea for the holiday season! I know my daughter will love to make this with me. I appreciate this recipe!
  8. Eileen says:
    This looks look delicious, I will have to try it out! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Looks like my new favorite dessert! Trying this this weekend! My belly thank you while my thighs curse you! :)
  10. I love peppermint ice cream, so this sounds really good! Thanks for sharing. I think I might have to try this during the holidays.
  11. Real Talk Moms says:
    That looks so good. Peppermint is one of my favourite things! I am going to make this with my daughter.
  12. Franc Ramon says:
    I love the taste of peppermint. This is a really nice ice cream flavor that I would love because of the taste of peppermint and it's perfect for the Christmas holidays.
  13. carra d says:
    Sounds great. I can't really have ice cream but this is totally up my friends alley. He love candy cane, Oreos and ice cream
  14. Dawn says:
    This looks and sounds amazing! I love holiday themed desserts!
  15. Elizabeth O. says:
    I love peppermint especially during Christmas! This is a really nice ice cream flavor!
  16. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:
    Oh yum! What a delicious sounding dessert. I know all my family would love this.
  17. Freya says:
    ooh that looks so yummy. I never tried ice cream with peppermint but cannot wait to try it out now.
  18. Oh that sounds really good. Love peppermint especially this time of the year!
  19. Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza says:
    It looks delicious and so festive. Thanks for sharing!
  20. Wow, this dessert looks delicious! I like that it's easy to make!
  21. Lisa Bristol says:
    This looks so delicious. I love mint everything. I will have to try this great recipe out. I am sure my kids will love it.
  22. That looks so refreshing! I would love to try that one.
  23. Patranila says:
    Looks like ooey gooey goodness.
  24. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:
    That looks really good. Thanks for the recipe.
  25. Angela Christopher says:
    I love the mixture of textures when you have ice cream and something crunchy. Thanks so much!
  26. Sounds yummy, for a late night snack. Well an anytime snack, it's just late and I want some of this!
  27. I love anything that has peppermint in it - looks really yumyum!
  28. Rosey says:
    So perfect for the holidays that are coming up. I'd love to try this dessert.
  29. Audrey Geliga says:
    Looks sinful and delish. Can't wait to try these myself.
  30. Megan Kubasch says:
    This sounds phenomenal. Stopping in from Blogging It Forward :) Be sure to stop in at Come Along Ponds and link up this post to share!
  31. Tanya Coffman says:
    This looks like a heavenly Christmas treat! :D
  32. What a cute idea. I may have to make this for my boys.
  33. Nile says:
    Looks so good. I'm not much for peppermint ice cream but this actually does look tasty. :)
  34. Chrissy Mazzocchi says:
    Oooo this looks so yummy! I love peppermint anything and it tastes like Christmas!
  35. I would love an entire pan of this dessert! That would get me in the Christmas spirit immediately! Thanks for bringing it over to the Sunday's Recipe Wrap-up Link Party!
  36. Elizabeth says:
    Planning to do lots of peppermint treats this year! This would be a perfect addition! Yum! Elizabeth
  37. Keri says:
    Love anything peppermint, this sounds so good! Thanks for sharing.
  38. Farrah says:
    This looks amazing! I'm not sure I'd end up sharing any of it if I happened to make it. o_o Slippery slope!

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