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3 Great Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

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I have 3 great tips to help you declutter your home.  Right now we’re having spring-like weather here in Utah and that always makes me feel like getting the house in order. I’ve been working on some long-overdue cleaning and organization.  Clutter in particular drives me crazy, so that was this past weekend’s project.  Here are a few things I did that might give you ideas to declutter your own home:




Use Storage Containers in the Space Under Beds

Under the bed storage containers are great for storing things that don’t need to be super handy, but shouldn’t be buried in the garage under a bunch of other boxes either. I have several under the bed storage containers. Some hold scrapbooking stuff (one container per kid for  collecting all of their artwork, school work,  pictures, awards, etc.).  Someday I will get time to get those things organized into scrapbooks but until then at least they’ree all in one place.  Another container holds things I need to file in my file cabinet (whenever get time to do that).

Donate to Charitable Organizations

Donate, donate, donate!
If there are things that you don’t use get rid of them! This is one of my favorite things to do every year.  I usually take 4-6 loads of things to Deseret Industries, which is similar to Goodwill.  Getting rid of clutter in my house makes me feel good and the items that I donate get sold by Deseret Industries at cheap prices to people who could use them. I love that because I don’t want to be one of those people that just mindlessly fills up the landfills. We need to protect our Earth 🙂
There are lots of charitable organizations that accept donations of used items –  like Goodwill and Deseret Industries, which I mentioned earlier.  Our good friend Google can tell you what charitable organizations accept donations of used items in your area.  (Psssst…a lot of times these donations can be tax deductible, so be sure to get a receipt!)

DVD Case

A big eyesore that I tackled this weekend was our DVD shelving. We have lots of DVDs and we had one of those crappy particle board DVD shelves to hold them all. Honestly we don’t watch DVDs much anymore now that there’s Netflix and cable on-demand, but every now and then we do like to watch a movie. I wanted to keep all of the movies, but I was sick of looking at that crappy shelf and 8 million movie cases. So…I went shopping and came home with a case that can hold over 200 DVDs.
Guess what? It’s almost full now!
When I was done filling the case I had TWO garbage bags full of DVD cases, which of course went in my recycle bin.
Getting rid of those cases allowed me to get rid of the crappy shelf that they were on, too. That was the best part!  If DVDs have taken over your living room, you might want to check out this affiliate link for the case I got and see if it would work for you.

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