Planning The Garden for this Summer

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  1. As cold as it is in IL right now, it is hard to believe spring is around the corner. I am looking forward to some gardening!
  2. Hello Debra.. I am very excited to have found your blog.. this was my first year canning and I am a 53 year old grandma (although I have vague memories of peeling tomatoes and peaches with my grandmothers & stepmom when I was small). My husband, youngest son (27yrs) and I have really had a lot of fun growing our second garden (although it is the 1st for this home).. We lived in the hot Mojave Desert of California for over 30 years before making our home here in beautiful North Central Colorado.. as you can probably imagine, it is hard to grow anything in the hot desert and all that sand). We have been canning like crazy for the past two weeks and are still going strong... We have a trip to the Apple Orchards planned for this weekend. Our plan is to make enough for ourselves and also to make enough jams & marmalades for Christmas gifts. Due to a late winter this past year (last snow fall was May 25th giving us over 3ft of snow)... our garden is late coming in and we will have our hands full of tomatoes again in a couple of weeks, along with some habanaro peppers and zucchini... and I am still harvesting Rosemary & Sweet Basil about once a week (these I am drying along with most of the jalapenos and as much fruit zest as I can get my hands on) Learning how to use the dehydrator I got for my birthday has been fun. We want to plan a much bigger garden for next year, so I am reading up on as much as I can... Soil amending is our biggest concern, have you written any blog articles on that subject? Also, what suggestions would you give for putting our garden beds to rest for next year so that the soil is well protected through the long winter months? Thank you for such a wonderful Blog.. Blessings to you and your family. :D ~SuzyJC-in-Colorado~
    • Debra says:
      Suzy, Oh my gosh, I am so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Hopefully you got answers to your questions somewhere, but I will tell you what we do in case you didn't. (I haven't written a post on soil amending, but I should! I will put that on my list of things to write about.) We have backyard chickens at our house. In the fall once the garden is done for the year, we cover our garden with a layer of chicken poo from the coop (yuck, I know. But it is amazing fertilizer.) In the spring when we are ready to plant our soil is rich and amazing. Our garden does so well and we are convinced that is part of the reason why. If you don't have access to chicken coop droppings, we would recommend using compost. If you don't have your own compost heap, you can easily order it online! Some stores sell it bagged as well. If you're lucky, the landfill in your community may also sell it in bulk. The one near us does that. Here's a nice article I found that you might find helpful: Good luck!

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